Welcome To Stormy’s Shop

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When I was a kid I had my bedroom walls completely plastered with posters. Granted, I was only a kid so I had to have my parent’s permission, so I couldn’t have all the posters I wanted. As a horny teenager, I wanted naked chicks on display, but the folks weren’t down with that. I’ll never forget the first time I went with my dad to the mechanic. This dude had so many posters of naked ladies all over the place. I couldn’t stop staring. Everywhere I looked I saw tits. It was my favorite place to go by far.

Now that I’m an adult, you can bet your sweet ass that I do what I want. I can buy Stormy Daniels posters online and put them wherever the hell I feel like it. I’m not a total creep so I keep my collection to the garage, but I absolutely love it. My mother just shakes her head when she visits. I might even buy her a Make America Cum Again shirt for Christmas.