The Good Old Days of Adult Dating Are Back

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Everybody else suffered from that shit. You have this – at the back of your head – fucking priest telling you that you should be a nice guy, you should think this way and act this way. At some point in time, you’re kind of wondering, am I acting a certain way because of other people’s expectations? Or is it because I think that this is the right way to go?

So, nobody likes to feel like a robot. It was really a fucking guilt-ridden and fucked up experience until, again, I met Deborah, and she fucking blew that shit. I mean, literally and figuratively.

When I met her, we had a couple of drinks and went straight to her place. She was into jazz. I told her I’m very big into Dave Brubeck, and her eyes just lit up. She had this thick stack of Dave Brubeck CD’s and all the fucking compilations that Mr. Brubeck ever did in the 70s. She had it. I mean, this chick was awesome. We’re basically speaking the same musical language.

So she was playing Dave Brubeck’s Turkish melody, and then she told me all about herself. She basically came from the same background as me. You know, all-Catholic school out in Nebraska or thereabouts, Irish Catholic background, lots of guilt, lots of nuns, lots of priests, and lots of rules.

And she really blew my mind when she said, “You know what? When I got to college, I saw that it was just a big pile of shit. It’s all fucking hypocrisy.” And she just took off her top to reveal these huge fucking milk jugs, and sucking on them felt like you’re sucking on America’s tit. We’re talking corn-fed, all-American titties. She fucking just knew how to rock a guy’s body. I guess, to some extent, I can thank all that sexual repression and religious hypocrisy for this chick’s amazing performance. I mean, Deborah just fucking knew how to work a dick, you know. Like most of the members at!